Sex workers shun skills, return to industry

prostitutes shunning skills
sex transaction

Commercial Sex Workers working with THASINTA in Mkushi and Luano Districts are shunning skill related jobs in preference to the sex industry.

The sex workers are said to be showing no desire to abandon their sex trade saying it gives them quick money to sustain their welfare as opposed to skills such as tailoring which take long for them to earn money.

THASINTA Coordinator for Mkushi and Luano Districts Agness Ng’andu disclosed the development to ZANIS in an interview in Mkushi District.

Mrs Nkandu said her organisation has in the last 12 months encountered setbacks in its efforts to facilitate and provide alternative livelihood to Sex Worker.

She charged that the development if left unchecked and resolved will affect the reform program and jeopardize efforts made in combating HIV and AIDS.

Mrs Ng’andu explained that her organisation had invested heavily in procuring several sewing machines which are presently not being utilized.

THASINTA has been working with a group of 38 sex workers in the two districts to reform them and engage them in alternative decent sources of income generation.

Mrs Ng’andu said the sex workers justified their return to their trade claiming that the industry is lucrative and a money spinner.
She however, expressed optimism that the sex workers will return to the programme and help add impetus to combating HIV and AIDS.
Mrs Ng’andu has since called for concerted and extensive efforts of sensitizing sex workers to abandon the industry and reduce the threat and spread of HIV and AIDS in communities.


  1. Maybe you concetrated on giving them skills training minus considering there basic needs like shelter,food,water and above all transforming there mindset with the word of GOD and councelling.