Gender-based violence (GBV) against men on the increase

End Violence Against Women and Girls Now
End Violence Against Women and Girls Now

THE Victim Support Unit (VSU) says there has been a surge in the number of men reporting cases of gender-based violence (GBV) because of awareness programmes by institution.
VSU national coordinator, Tresphord Kasale said the unit had been sensitising the community on the need to report GBV regardless of gender.
“We thank the media and the YWCA because they have helped in sensitising the community which has seen men coming forward and report about being abused by their spouses,” he said.
Mr Kasale assured vulnerable victims of GBV that the unit was providing shelter and education for a better life.
Prevalence forms and patterns of GBV in Zambia have been changing as years go by and the scourge increases every year.
However, the most popular form of violence has been against women although recent trends have shown that men have also been victims but felt shay to report to police.
Mr Kasale urged victims of GBV to report any type of violence to the nearest centre and not to worry.

He said shelters had been built to help victims of GBV who could not find shelter after being abused by their relatives or spouses.
The home is imparting skills such s tailoring, printing, cookery, mechanics, and power electrical to the victims for GBV.
Mr Kasale said the VSU had received cases of men reporting their wives after being beaten and harmed in marital disputes.
“Do not spare abusers, just because you are being kept by them, report them? And you will be assured of a better home and quality education from recognised institutions,” he said.
He has advised the general public not to take justice in their hands and allow the police to do their work.
Mr Kasale appealed to non governmental organisations such as Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) as well as the media to also report about men that were being abused.


  1. The reported three are those clearly noticed but their are so many men who are victimized by women based usually on envy and jealous for mens success.Women want all that which they wish to come out as they want it forgetting the man side. All this GBV is usually fueled by women wanting to control men and when they don’t have access to the targeted man they begin sending each other following that person disturbing all what he is doing so that he can go back to them instead of finding something to do which can make them progress.