FODEP asks Lungu to intervene in matters raised by Mutembo Nchito

Mr. Mutembo Nchito
Mr. Mutembo Nchito

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says President Edgar Lungu should quickly intervene in the matter in which the suspended Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Mutembo Nchito, has questioned the morality of the former chief justices, Ernest Sakala and Matthews Ngulube respectively to sit on a tribunal aimed at probing his alleged misconduct.
FODEP Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi says the issues being raised by the accused on the duo border on their integrity, as such, unless the duo proves beyond reasonable doubt to the contrary, the tribunal is likely to hit glitches which will stall its progress.

Mr. Chipenzi notes that if care is not taken, the Justice Anniel Silungwe Tribunal may end up like the Judge Lovemore Chikopa Tribunal and the tribunal members likely to suffer public ridicule and embarrassment going by the unfolding events around this tribunal.
He says Zambians are tired of hearing of such tribunals and Commissions of inquiry whose findings have either been ridiculed or not acted upon by the executive after raking the national treasury.
He adds that before Zambians are availed with the findings of the Commission of Inquiry on Energy crisis that hit the country recently, the government has instead choked the citizens with another tribunal to probe the DPP.

The FODEP Executive Director feels that the rescheduling of the tribunal sittings last week demonstrates the point that the tribunal was constituted in haste and for political expedience and unlikely to meet the intended objective.
Mr. Chipenzi says President Lungu has three options to make on this tribunal by either suspending the sittings of the tribunal indefinitely until proper charges are crafted and brought before the accused; remove the two concerned justices, Sakala and Ngulube or disband the tribunal altogether for the sake of progress and before public resources are wasted on an exercise likely to yield no tangible results.
He says for the sake of transparency and accountability, government should disclose how much the two exercises, commission of inquiry on energy and the tribunal on Mutembo Nchito would cost the national treasury.



  1. Its the tribunal to answer him and not the president. He has done his work and he is waiting for the report. Ifintu ni Lungu.