Reflections on Easter: President Lungu’s letter to the Zambian people

President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu

To my beloved fellow Zambians,
Easter Greetings:
It is with a great sense of honour and love that I greet you all in the name of our good Lord Almighty and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ, whose life we celebrate today. This risen Lord is sufficient testimony to all believers that our hopes and aspirations are guaranteed under his holy name.
During Easter, the most sacred period in the Christian Calender, I bring my personal and my family’s best wishes to you all individually and to the nation as a whole. Zambia being a Christian Nation, I take this sacred opportunity to inform you that my wife Esther and I have nothing but best wishes to you. May God’s grace abundantly be with you.
We pray that God heals all those wounded or afflicted in one way or another and continues binding us together in our fear and love of Him. We are a Christian Nation.
Let us spread love and not hatred, let us imitate God as he intended us to live, to love one another.
As Easter is a festival that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are duty-bound to always ensure that we celebrate it with the greatest of joy. Let us seize this opportunity to unapologetically proclaim the virtues of love and peaceful co-existence. Let’s live and let others live. The different persuasions in life that make us one different from another cannot be the basis for enemity. These diversities should rather help us celebrate our different inclinations. We do this because Jesus Christ suffered for us on the cross and left us that great example –that service to humanity is about sacrifice. Let us sacrifice for one another. This call is even more so greater for those of us in public office because our calling should always be about service to the masses we are privileged to lead. Many will agree with me when I say that there would be no Christianity if Jesus did not suffer for us, die for us and resurrect to give us eternal life and hope that no matter how bad things are, with faith, we can overcome.

In February this year, just a few days after my rise to the Presidency, I requested a special thanks-giving service to acknowledge what I hold firmly that: God has been very gracious to Zambia. I want to return to that theme and re-assert that we must all therefore pledge to honour Him by adhering to the Christian virtues upon which this great nation is founded. As leader of this great Republic, I take this sacred opportunity to again re-affirm that Zambia shall remain a Christian Nation.
I call upon the entire fraternity in the Patriotic Front (PF), our party, to show love to the opposition and correspondingly request the political opposition to do the same. We have, but only one Zambia, One Nation. This blessed land is our only inheritance and therefore competition should be within the acceptable limits that do not descend into chaos.
To our spiritual fathers and mothers who intercede for us at various junctures when the nation is faced with seemingly intractable challenges, I can only urge them to do more. I continue to invite the Church, the Body of Christ, to do more to heal the nation by confronting such vices as tribalism, regionalism, violence, and corruption among others.
We are a Jubilee nation that continues to enjoy God’s abundant grace. Let us not waste it. We are a blessed nation that has escaped ugly occurrences that have beset other sister nations near and far; let us not take this grace for granted.
The Zambian Church is relatively a youthful one, just as old as the Republic at 50 years. But its achievements are invaluably great. The 50 years of evangelism has enhanced the desired national cohesion that provides the stability necessary for peaceful politics and commerce.
Under my leadership, I pledged to push ahead with my conviction that we need to awaken our national consciousness to our motto of One Zambia, One Nation.
Let us all celebrate and encourage inter-religious dialogue because it makes our country stand out as a beacon of its enviable diversity. A humane and fair society is possible if we transform our politics and business into platforms of legitimate exchange of ideas. Let us take violence and hate out of our public and private lives because these can never be the currency of politics.
For many Zambians, this time of year holds great meaning.
Zambia is a Christian Nation, and so many families will join our fellow Christians around the world in celebrating the Death and Resurrection of Christ, the Salvation he offered the world, and the hope that comes with Easter. Easter is indeed a time for reflection and renewal.

In sending this Easter message, I also wish to thank all Zambians for the support they have rendered to me and my administration in the 71 days since I was sworn in as Zambia’s 6th President. As President, I am consumed to the faith that we can make Zambia a better place for all if only we change the way we do politics. In order to face a great future, Zambia cannot continue to practise politics of personalities and individual character assassination, finger pointing and politics of arrogance. Those with the gift of knowledge will tell that it is impossible to build a strong future on politics of fear.
We have a sacred duty to continue to unite our beloved country, creating jobs and narrowing the poverty and political divide. I take this duty very seriously.
I am happy to lead this great country and I pledge my very best. Mine is a sacred responsibility to all Zambians and it is therefore not my intention to pursue sectional interests even in the face of mounted provocations from some sections of our society. My faith in the collective wisdom of the Zambian people always emboldens my resolve to serve to the best of my abilities.
Happy Easter to you all, enjoy responsibly, show love to your families, neighbours and even those who may be hurting you. Pray for your adversaries so they may see peace and love as we build on the love and unity this country has enjoyed for 50 years.

The author is President of the Republic of Zambia
credit – Daily Mail