Miner commits suicide over forged NAPSA payment

hang suicide
hang suicide

A KONKOLA Copper Mines (KCM) employee has committed suicide after obtaining K40, 000 from National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) meant for his brother.
Francis Mwanza 53 of Wusakile Township allegedly forged documents which he used to obtain funds for his young brother from NAPSA.
Mr Mwanza is said to have consumed a bottle of pesticide to end his life after a heated argument with his brother.
His widow, Idah, narrated at the funeral house on B-4 Street in Wusakile, that her husband and his brother had an argument over the money he obtained from NAPSA.
Ms Mwanza said that her brother-in-law had disappeared for 16 years and the family believed he had died.

She explained that the family believed that Mr Mwanza junior might have died because there was no communication from him and efforts to trace his whereabouts had failed.
Ms Mwanza said it was at that point that her husband decided to acquire money from NAPSA to assist his young brother’s children for school requirements.
She said last month, her brother in law appeared after 16 years and started going to NAPSA offices where he was informed that there was no money for him because it was reported that he had died.
Ms Mwanza said her husband was threatened to be taken to police over the same matter, a situation that prompted an argument and later a fight with his brother.
“My brother in law came home and started demanding money from his brother telling him that he had been shown his signature that it was him that obtained all his money from NAPSA. “That was the beginning of the argument which led to my husband consuming doom pesticide,” she said amid sobs.
Ms Mwanza said her husband only got the money from NAPSA because the family was convinced the young brother had died.
She said the money was used to support the children who were left under his care.