President Lungu’s trips driven by foreign policy

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu

THE foreign trips President Lungu is undertaking are being steered by Zambia’s revised foreign policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent secretary George Zulu has said.
Mr Zulu said in an interview yesterday that his ministry has found it imperative to explain to the nation why the Head of State is undertaking trips abroad because some people have been questioning his travels.
“The trips President Lungu is undertaking are planned and orchestrated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“President Lungu is fulfilling our foreign policy which we took five years to write,” he said.
Mr Zulu said the country’s current foreign policy emphasises economic diplomacy as a way of developing the nation.
“The President is merely fulfilling the Cabinet-approved economic diplomacy which is being driven by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he said.

Mr Zulu cited President Lungu’s first official visit to Zimbabwe as necessary because President Robert Mugabe chairs the Southern African Development Community (SADC) which has an agenda to industrialise its members.
He said President Lungu’s visit to South Africa was meant for the country to understand the status of security in the region as President Jacob Zuma chairs SADC’s security wing.
“We now have terrorism coming to our door step as near as Kenya. As a ministry, we had to prepare President Lungu to understand the security matters of the region,” Mr Zulu said.
He said President Lungu’s visit to Angola was meant to look at Angola’s oil supplies.
“Those who are doubting President Lungu should wait and see. He is in a hurry to develop this country. Mark my words, President Sata’s dream will be fulfilled by President Lungu,” Mr Zulu said.
He said since President Lungu assumed office, Zambia’s profile has changed for the better.
“President Lungu will create jobs for the common man. In fact, we have on the cards the French. They want him to visit their country,” Mr Zulu said.

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