FAZ expels nine clubs

Kalusha at 2015 AGM
Kalusha at 2015 AGM

THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has expelled nine lower division clubs for failure to fulfil fixtures and disbandment.
The affected clubs are Zamtel FC, Kumawa Stars, Isoka United, Kalumbila FC, Kyawama FC, Mwinilunga, Katombola and Mukuyu Buffaloes.
FAZ general secretary George Kasengele  said  during the annual general meeting (AGM) held at Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe on Saturday that it was unnecessary to keep clubs that were not active on the database.
“When a team affiliates to FAZ, they promise to abide by our rules such as fulfilling fixtures. So if the team fails to fulfil fixtures, there is no need to keep and some of these teams have disbanded,” Kasengele said.
He told the council during the general secretary’s report that FAZ was facing a hard time to attract sponsorship of cup competitions for Division Two and Three teams because the type of football was not attractive.

Kasengele said the market value for lower division football teams was low but that FAZ was exploring ways of making them more competitive by introducing prize money for outstanding teams at the end of the season or by way of a cup competition.
“It’s the question of what is it that the sponsor will get from sponsoring a cup, so it’s very difficult even if we came up with a superb technical proposal… it’s a question of what value will it add to the sponsor, but eventually, it may not come now but it will be achieved one day.
“The reason why various sponsors have come on board to support the senior national team and the league is because of the value they get,” Kasengele said.
Kasengele also took a swipe at lower division clubs administrators urging them to be innovative and generate enough funds for the teams.
“As football administrators, we seem to do the same things year in and year out. FAZ can only create an enabling environment for club officials to generate funds on their own.
“Let’s start thinking outside the box, the reason why we do these administration courses is to build capacity in abating some of the challenges being faced,” he said.