Serious, deep internal wrangles in Serenje PF – Mambwe

PF MP, Mile Sampa's supporters at Supreme Court in Lusaka onDec 15, 2014 by
PF MP, Mile Sampa's supporters at Supreme Court in Lusaka onDec 15, 2014 by

Serenje District Patriotic Front (PF) Chairperson Mwape Musonda has refuted claims by PF District Secretary Best Mambwe that the members of the ruling party in Serenje Central Constituency have serious and deep internal wrangles.

In a press statement made available to ZANIS March 27th, Mr Musonda said the PF party in Serenje Central Constituency and the district was intact.

Mr. Musonda said the statement which was reported on ZNBC news at 20:00 hours on 25thMarch, 2015 was false and malicious.

He said the disgruntled District  PF Secretary  Best Mambwe reported that the PF Mmember of Parliament Philip Kosamu with his follows were pretending to be PF members when in fact they are Rainbow Party members.

The District Chairperson said Mr. Mambwe’s statements did not have the blessings of the district committee and that he should apologize to the members of the party.

“As a chairperson I have not received any resignation letter from any PF members in Serenje district apart from the three officials who resigned through the Post Newspaper of the 24thMarch, 2015.” Mr. Musonda said.

Mr Musonda further said with the support of Mr. Philip Kosamu and the general public, the party in the district has no damages and that the members were all behind the Republican President Edgar Lungu.

He added that the party shall give President Lungu maximum support even in 2016 and remained loyal to the party and the Head of State.

And Chibwelamushi National Vice Chairperson Binson Kunda has condemned the statement by the three PF rebels who defected to Rainbow party for generalizing the matter that the PF membership in Serenje  are not in support of the current leadership.

Mr. Kunda said the statements which were in the Post Newspaper saying that the three  PF party officials  had resigned was alarming and cannot be tolerated by Serenje residents.

Mr. Kunda was speaking during the Chibwelamushi sports preparatory meeting which was held at Villa Mbanda Lodge in Serenje on March 27th.

The Chibwelamushi Vice National Secretary said the people in Serenje District are behind his President Lungu and will abide by the Presidents’ decisions and developments.

He said the Lala speaking people are not happy with the manner in which the issue was reported in the newspaper where even President Lungu was said not to be intelligent.

Mr Kunda has asked the defectors to apologize to the Republican President.


  1. Reality is settling in. Without the pillars, even if the building looks upright its already fallen. Sata, SCOTT, GBM, KABIMBA, etc the pillars!