Suspected ‘Human’ crocodiles terrorise villagers in Kasama


Villagers in Chieftainess Chanda Mukulu’s area of Kasama are living in fear of attacks from alleged ‘human’ crocodiles on the Chambeshi River.
Martin Chanda, a resident of Chanda-Mukulu told ZANIS that three people have since been killed in bizarre circumstances since January, 2015.
Mr. Chanda cited a recent case where a body of a fisherman was found naked on the banks of a river with crocodile bites on his right armpit whilst his clothes were found bundled a few meters away from him.
He also explained that two weeks ago, a crocodile attacked livestock in upper land and killed a pig which was later discovered on the banks of the same river.
He narrated that fishermen are now living in fear due to the rising cases of suspected ‘human ‘crocodiles attacking people on the Chambeshi River.
Mr. Chanda warned people behind the practice to desist from doing so saying the trend is not only retrogressive but retards development because most of the people depend on fishing as their source of income.
And when contacted for a comment,  Acting Chieftainess Chanda Mukula confirmed receiving reports on the suspected  ‘human ‘crocodiles but said it was difficult to prove the allegations.
He has since called on the Zambia Wild Life (ZAWA) to quickly rush to the area to crop the reptiles.
He said although cases of human-animal conflict was a common occurrence in places along water bodies, authorities should ensure that people’s lives were protected.