Kambwili reacts to HH’s retirement age remarks


My Comment On UPND president HH’s remarks in relation to the retirement age.


Firstly may I remind Mr Hichilema that the retirement age is an accepted mistake and Her Honour the Vice President has since called for this to be revised in parliament. Everyone agrees that the retirement age should be revised and returned to the original and older age of 55 years.

A government that claims that it will always be right and does not accept mistakes or criticisms is a selfish government with selfish interest. UPND as the leading opposition are supposed to provide checks and balances to the government of the day. We will accept constructive criticism and checks and balances because that’s what the opposition is there to do. UPND are very good to be in opposition and they should be there longer.

The ‪#‎Donchi_kubeba‬ slogan was a campaign slogan telling the people that when other parties who are willing to dish out money and gifts in attempt to bribe the voters are welcome, and that voters should take their money, meanwhile vote for the party with the real developmental ability, The PF.

As the PF government we do not believe in running the government on the statement donchi kubeba, NO, this is informal and it does not bring positive results, we run government seriously and not through a campaign slogan. We accept some mistakes and we also castigate those who try and politicise small issues. This is all of our country, and most times it’s better if we all work together because zambia is not PF’s or for UPND or even my fathers. Zambia is all of ours, including you Bana mwila, Bana habenzu, uncle mbewe in the market etc.

As Zambians we need to eradicate the political impunity in serious general issues. We accept your call for the retirement age to go down to 55 years, but we don’t accept your false image of perfection, because no one is perfect and things can’t be roses and wine all year round. I personally believe The opposition at times have the right ideas, and those which we deem right and in the best interest of Zambians we take on board.

In addition when you provide checks and balances, provide them in manner in which they can be heard, we are all humans and react and retaliate in ways we should not at times; but having said this we are a responsible government who accepts liability and genuinely fight to correct issues. No one can claim to run government perfectly, but we can all promise to try. We are currently undergoing massive face change and this costs alot and has some effects on the economy. Once the projects come to fruition, the economy will gain a lot of strength, and lasting strength at that. ‪#‎akuna‬…..

We are on a mission to leave and Mature from being in the 3rd world category, yet this will be gruelling sometimes, but believe in us because we are working for your benefit. Have faith and passion. One Zambia, One Nation.

Thank you for the advice we are working towards this.

Hon C.Kambwili MIBS/CGS


  1. I read earlier own a press release from Amos Chanda where the President has asked relevant ministry to ammend the IS and provide for three options on retirement age. What then is still an issue from Mr. HH?

    Our ECL is miles ahead in both political maturity and responding to challenges facing Zambia today.

    HH would do well to work with ECL, may be take up some appointment like Minister of Finance.

    Can anyone imagine what happens to HH if he looses 2016 elections, who in UPND will allow him to keep the seat till 2021?

    Mr. HH, it is time to think outside the box, make a move now. Your chances are better in PF than in UPND.

    The entry into politics for HH was not done well, he started at the top. Life is not like that, learn the basics and grow with wisdom.