700 pupils stranded after rain damages three schools

Mangango school
Mangango school

Rains have left a trail of destruction at three primary  schools in Mangango constituency of Kaoma district in the Western province.


The damage has left more than 700 pupils stranded as they cannot learn at the affected schools.


The affected primary schools are Kalundu, Namalazi and Kapili whose roofs were either blown-off or had classroom walls collapsing after heavy rains that characterized the area recently.


After touring the affected schools, Mangango Member of Parliament (PF) Rogers Lingweshi said the destruction done to the schools will adversely affect the learning  at the three schools.


Mr Lingweshi said there is need to urgently renovate the schools as they cater for a large number of pupils whose progression may be impeded by the dilapidated learning environment.


He said most schools in the area did not have adequate classrooms and the destruction caused to the few existing ones will have negative repercussions.


Mr Lingweshi said the multi-grade system, where children in different grades are sandwiched in one classroom, was not good for the learners even though it is being used as a temporal measure following the destruction caused to some classrooms.


He implored members of the Parent Teachers Association and the community to put their political differences aside and work towards improving the learning environment in the affected schools for the good of the children.


Mr Lingweshi said there is no need for anyone to politicize the issue even though Mangango will be going to the polls in a local government election next month on April 14 following the resignation last year of then area Councillor Godwin Putu.


And Namalazi School Head teacher Nsamba Nsamba said grades one and six have been affected by the collapse of a classroom wall at the school and called on stakeholders to put up permanent structures to avoid a reoccurrence of the devastation.


At Kalundu Primary School, head teacher Kwalombota Wamundila said 392 children have been negatively affected after rains ripped-off the roof of the school’s only classroom block.


Mr Wamundila said the school authorities had informed the office of the District Education Board but help was not forthcoming as the Ministry of Education does not put aside money for disasters.

He said pupils were suffering as teaching cannot be done effectively in such a dilapidated learning environment.