Charms scare man out of marriage


FINDING muti (medicine) on his manhood after sex, has freaked out a Lusaka man who has accused his wife of using traditional herbs.
Moses Kasonka, 29, of John Laing said things were getting pretty spooky as when he enters his house after work, he is greeted by smoke adding that he cannot stay one day longer in his marriage.
But his wife Grace Musunka said she wonders why Kasonka is taking sex-boosters when he has not had sex with her for six months.
This was heard in the Lusaka boma court before justices Mable Mwaba, Miyanda Banda, and Boaz Mpundu in a case where Musunka, 26, of John Laing sued Kasonka, 29, also of the same Township, for divorce.
However, she U-turned and told the court she wanted to go back home after being on separation for two weeks.
Musunka, who said the two have been married for 10 years and have three children, told the court that she has had no peace in her marriage for four years as Kasonka has a lover who is even seven months pregnant.
“He is paying rent for her, he has stopped eating my food, we have not been talking for a month and what is worse is that we haven’t had sex for six months,” she said.
And hoping to find solace in her father-in-law, she was disappointed to receive a rebuff when he told her so long as his son provided for her, having a lover is a small issue, after she complained to him about Kasonka’s behaviour.
She said Kasonka told her he wants to marry the other woman, adding that this frustrated her and that is why she earlier decided to leave but after much thought, she wants to go back home.
And in his statement, Kasonka told the court that Musunka uses herbs, adding that when he gets home from work, he is sometimes greeted by smoke.
He said this is why he fails to eat from home.
“When we have sex, I find herbs on my manhood. I don’t mind Musunka proceeding with divorce,” he said.
The court granted divorce and ordered Kasonka to compensate Musunka with a fine of K10,000.

Daily Mail – NOMSA NKANA, Lusaka