— PF youths in Kaoma urged to be alert

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PF youths in Kaoma urged to be alert

Kaoma, Friday March 20th, 2015, ZANIS —-  Kaoma district Patriotic Front Youth chairman Dushefu Mbandu says that some PF members among the party were privately campaigning for the newly established Rain Bow party in the district.

Mr  Du said he will soon mobilize youths to discipline such members who were trying to destabilize the PF structures in Kaoma so that sanity is restored among the camps in Kaoma central constituency.

He said youths in the district will not sit idle watching the party being destroyed by newly members who were received by former Chief Justice and PF Secretary General  Winter Kabimba after they defected from their different political parties and joined the ruling PF in July last year.

Mr Du said that he was aware of a cartel which is trying to dismantle the firm ground which the ruling Patriotic Front is enjoying in the district by seriously campaigning for Rain Bow party adding that such members will soon be hounded out of the party.


He said that he and youths cannot allow a situation where a party they have supported for 15 years is being put into oblivion by newly joined members and frustrating its efforts, promising that the earlier they left the better as they will be chased out of the PF by force.

Mr Du said the only person who could organize the party at the grass root level was the District Political Secretary Chingi Kabindama who is being left out by a small PF cartel in the pretence of using their own resources without disclosing their source of funding.

But Kaoma district PF chairman George Chisani has dispelled the allegations saying members should desist from finger pointing adding that very soon elections will be constituted to elect district executive office bearers in the district following the dissolution of the PF structures in Western province.

Mr Chisani said members will elect people based on their performances into rightful positions. As at now we cannot suspend people as elections are just in the corner to put PF performing members in good positions.

He said that he was not aware of people who were trying to destabilize the party by campaigning for the Rain Bow party.