Zambia formulates Diaspora policy

diaspora Vote
diaspora Vote

Parliament heard today that government has embarked on the process of formulating the Diaspora policy document that would clear define the terms of engagement and collaboration between government and Zambian’s living in the  diaspora.



Foreign Affairs minister  Harry Kalaba said in his ministerial statement in Parliament today that government has since established a national steering committee comprising key line ministries and institutions  whose mandate would be to spearhead the formulation of the diaspora policy document.



Mr Kalaba noted that the ministry of foreign affairs will ensure that the policy document is subjected to a wide consultation to ensure ownership of the document ounce the process is completed.



He reiterated governments commitment in ensuring that the document is launched by the third quarter of 2015.



The minister said government recognizes the potential that Zambian’s leaving abroad poses hence the desire by the state to engage them in the development of the country.



Mr Kalaba pointed out that the massive untapped potential of the Zambian’s living in the diaspora prompted government to initiate the formulation of the diaspora policy document.



The minister revealed that government has since made strides in mobilizing Zambians in the diaspora to contribute to the development of the country through partnering with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).



He stressed that lack of a policy framework made it difficult for government to engage persons leaving in the Diaspora.