Mulusa urges DCs to monitor government projects

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Special Assistant to the President for Projects Lucky Mulusa says there is need for District Commissioners to closely monitor government projects under construction in their districts.

Mr. Mulusa said District Commissioners are the eyes of government hence they should represent government by ensuring that projects that were launched by the late President Micheal Sata are completed.

He said government will be losing a lot of money if contractors will be doing shoddy works and not completing some projects within the agreed time flame.

Mr. Mulusa was speaking in Nalolo District when he paid a courtesy call at the DC’s office and making a follow up on the Muoyo Water project that was launched in 2012.

He noted that it was unfortunate that the community of Muoyo Royal Village is deprived of clean water when the water project was launched in 2012 and water should have been running by 2013.

Mr. Mulusa has since called on the District Commissioner to closely monitor the contractors so that people can access water in three months’ time.

He also called on local contractors to always do a good job when awarded a contract, saying shoddy works only damage their reputation and cost government a lot of resources.

And Nalolo District Commissioner Mundia Samwene said the water project has delayed because the first contractor could not find water after drilling three bole holes.

He added that the project was then handed over to the water affairs department who are working with a local contractor called logical investment.

Mr. Samwene said the new contractor is on site but was worried with the slow pace the contractor was moving at.
He further appealed to the office of the President to empower District Commissioners with resources to enable them monitor government projects.