Mambo asks PF govt to wake up

PF celebrates Masebo expulsion
PF celebrates Masebo expulsion

Former Church of God Overseer Bishop John Mambo has advised the ruling Patriotic Front to urgently address the problems the country is currently facing.

Bishop Mambo says it is sad to note that a few months after President Lungu won the Presidential elections, certain things have wrong citing the depreciation of the kwacha and the shortage of fuel.

Bishop Mambo says it is time the PF started working and correcting the many wrong things in the country or risk being haunted by them.

He states that the PF made many promises to the people of Zambia among them addressing the high cost of living but that what is happening is the exact opposite as the cost of living has kept going up.

Bishop Mambo says time is ticking and the earlier the PF realizes it, the better.




  1. keep on talkin for us bishop some of us have nt forgotten how u spoke for the poor in ftj s time we know u can’t be bought and may the gud lord bless u we need pipo like u to stand up for the in justices of this dyin goverment and say thank u

  2. I grew up thinking mambo speak for the poor kanshi the guy just speaks for his stomach.