Luangwa farmers urged to adopt conservation farming

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—Luangwa District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba, has urged farmers in the district to embark on sustainable methods of farming instead of relying on the old tradition methods which do not give good yields.

Speaking when he officially opened a   workshop organised by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) for farmers from Eastern Province
districts and Luangwa held at Kaunga Farmers Training Institute, Mr Mumba called on the farmers to start using sustainable methods of farming such as conservation farming.

The DC told the farmers that it was time that farmers stopped the old type of farming as it was not sustainable and does not give a good yield.

Mr Mumba said government was working tirelessly to improve farming in the country as it does not only want to depend on copper which
finishes after a period of time but agriculture which will bring in the much needed foreign exchange.

He commended WCS for partnering with government in promoting agriculture in rural districts such as Luangwa and further called on
the farmers to take advantage of the good agricultural policies that
government has put in place and also the knowledge being imparted to them by organisations that are supplementing government’s efforts to improve food security in the country.

And WCS Coordinator, Hudsen Museteka, said his organisation appreciates the support it was receiving from government and will work together to
improve the agricultural sector.

Mr Museteka said the organisation, under the COMACO project, is targeting small scale farmers to impart them with knowledge on
sustainable farming by encouraging them to embark on conservation farming which is simple and cheaper.

He said the twenty-one day workshop is aimed at equipping farmers with modern methods of farming which will improve the food security in
there households and the country as a whole.