Barotse activists smash police vehicle in Mongu

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Barotse activists smash police vehicle in Mongu

Mongu, March 17, ZANIS—A Police Patrol vehicle has been stoned by alleged Barotse activists after three Barotse activists appeared in the Mongu High Court for publicizing false information likely to cause panic and fear in people

And Western Provincial Commissioner of Police Standwell Lungu has told ZANIS that the incident happened yesterday around 12:30 after the court adjourned the case.

Mr Lundu said the alleged Baroste activists who attended the court session smashed a police vehicle on the rear screen.

The commissioner further stated that no arrests have been made but police have instituted investigations on the matter to ensure that all those who were involved in the scandal are brought to justice.

In another development a 50 year old man of Kabuyu village in Chief Katundu’s area in Sesheke district in Western Province has died after he attacked by the Hippo on Sunday around 18: 00 hours.

The Commissioner of Police said the deceased who has been identified as Josia Kafuna met his fate while fishing in the Zambezi River at Ngweshi Fishing Camp in a canoe.

Mr. Lungu explained that the hippo pounced on him and broke his right leg that caused grievous bleeding and he later died immediately after being rescued by on lookers.

The body of the deceased has since been buried.