Govt reiterates commitment to road infrastructure

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—-Government has reiterated its commitment to improve the roads infrastructure in order to ease delivery of goods and services to the people.

North-western Province Minister, Dawson Kafwaya, over the week-end took time to inspect Solwezi-Kipushi border road to see the challenges people along the road experience.

Mr Kafwaya, who expressed displeasure at the state of the road, said government will explore ways to have the road passable.

He said although the road is under the link Zambia 8,000, there is need to do something in the meantime to make it easily accessible to motorists.

Mr Kafwaya said the Solwezi-Kipushi road is and economic road enabling Zambia Revenue Authority raise substantial amounts of money ranging between 20,000 and 40,000 United States Dollars.

The Minister, who was accompanied by officers from Road Development Agency, Rural Roads Unit and Solwezi Municipal Council, urged the officers to do something to make the road passable before the Link
Zambia project commences.