Kabimba confident of scooping 2016 elections

Wynter M. Kabimba With Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe and other members and leaders of our party May 24th 2014 in Luwingu
Wynter M. Kabimba With Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe and other members and leaders of our party May 24th 2014 in Luwingu

Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba says he is confident that his party will win the 2016 Tripartite elections with a land slide margin.

Mr Kabimba said his party was growing rapidly a sign that the people of Zambia have been convinced that it is only the opposition party which is able to answer to many problems they  are engulfed with at the moment.

ZANIS reports that the Rainbow Party Leader was speakingMarch 14, 2015 during the party’s first consultative meeting of provincial officials held at Tick Boarding and Primary School in Lusaka.

Mr Kabimba said the Rainbow Party was guided by the principles of socialism adding that it is important for its leadership to understand that to be a leader in the Rainbow party, one needs to be the servant of the people.

He urged his party members to go flat out and campaign for the party in readiness for the  2016 elections.

Mr Kabimba stated that there is need for the party to intensify political mobilization across the country so that it is able to double the pace of its membership drive and recruitment.

“I have a premonition that the Rainbow Party will scoop the 2016 general elections without any doubt. Watch it so carefully because the party has been accepted by the Zambian people,”Mr Kabimba said.

Mr Kabimba said party members need to exhibit courage, hard work and a human spirit to surmount the obstacles along the way leading to next year’s elections which he said was around the corner.

And Mr Kabimba urged his party members to desist from violence because the Rainbow Party is a peaceful one which believes in modern politics.

Mr Kabimba stated that there will be no single day when his party will embrace political violence, intimidation or harassment, but that it will carry out its campaign messages to the Zambian people peacefully.

He also told the delegates that the Rainbow Party will hold a national conference in May this year where the party will be officially launched and also elect party officials in various positions.

He said the conference will be attended by all Rainbow party members from all the 10 provinces of Zambia.

Mr Kabimba also mentioned that the party constitution, manifesto and social and economic programme are almost ready and shall be in print soon for the citizens to read and understand them fully.


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  2. Even Julius K Chiyesu of One NationOne Zambia party in Zambezi will beat Rainbow!!!