Construction of Chibolya skills training centre to commence soon

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Government is mobilising funds for the construction of the Chibolya skills training centre in Lusaka.


Kanyama Member of Parliament Gerry Chanda said in an interview with ZANIS that funds for the erection of the youth facility would be gotten from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).


Colonel Chanda said plans have already been outlined for the centre.

He further stated that contractors will move on site once the money is released by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing.


Col. Chanda said youths in Chibolya and the entire Kanyama constituency need a skills training centre for self-sustainability to deter them from engaging in the trade of illicit drugs such as heroin, marijuana and cocaine.


He said the youth skills training centre was expected to cost K150, 000.


Last year, police and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) raided Chibolya compound to rid it of illicit activities and several people were arrested.