Traffic police officers told to stop confiscating drivers’ licenses

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Traffic police officers told to stop confiscating drivers’ licenses  

Lusaka, March 11, ZANIS—The Zambia Police Service command has instructed police officers to immediately stop confiscating drivers’ licenses from motorists.

This follows a directive from Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila in parliament last weel that police officers were not supposed to confiscate drivers’ licenses from motorists who violate traffic regulations.

Police Spokesperson Charity Chanda told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that the action was illegal and contrary to the road and traffic Act.

Ms. Chanda said under the law, police officers were not supposed to confiscate licenses when motorists violate traffic regulations but only get their particulars and registration details of the motor vehicle.

She said the police service has at no time authorized its officers to confiscate drivers’ licenses unless when they are required for verification or as an exhibit.

Ms. Chanda has since warned police officers to desist from getting the licenses saying the practice is denting the image of the police service.

She has further appealed to members of the public to complain to supervising officers at the respective police check points or stations.  

Ms. Chanda has however advised motorists to adhere to traffic regulations and conduct themselves in a manner that will help the police officers carry out their duties professionally.


  1. These police will always confiscate, unless they are not given to check on the licence, so should motorists refuse to have their licences checked by police?? What about RTSA???