I can continue working: Zambian president – SABC


Zambian president Edgar Lungu has dismissed media reports that he is in a critical condition and unable to move.

Lungu collapsed at an international women’s day event in the capital Lusaka over the weekend.  He is currently in South Africa for further medical tests.

President Lungu arrived on Tuesday evening accompanied by his wife Esther, members of his medical team and support staff.

The SABC caught up with him at a Johannesburg hospital where he says he was visiting a Zambian official admitted at the hospital.

Lungu was admitted in a Zambian hospital and discharged the next day after collapsing on Sunday.

“As you might be aware I was unwell for a while, I was in hospital and our doctors though it is important that I take further examinations and there should be some surgery or whatever they prescribe and that’s why I’m here,” says Lungu.

Lungu in Gauteng for further medical tests and possible surgery after he was diagnosed with a blocked windpipe.

We are coming from a history of having losing two heads of states in office and I think the nation is anxious to know the state of their president

His Zambian medical team recommended high tech surgery not available in Zambia for the recurring condition. But contrary to media reports back home, Lungu says he is in good spirits.

“No I can run, I can continue working but you can’t take this for granted because what they detected they say could prove fatal in the near future so they think it is better to treat it in time.”

The presidency had initially claimed that Lungu suffered from malaria but later backtracked.

Lungu assumed the presidency in January after winning a narrow victory in a snap election to replace former president Michael Sata.
Sata died in October last year, while undergoing treatment in London, becoming the second Zambian president to die while in office.

It is rare for Zambian authorities to disclose the condition of a head of state but Lungu says he chose to be open about his condition to avoid panic at home.

“We are coming from a history of having losing two heads of states in office and I think the nation is anxious to know the state of their president and I thought it’s imperative to come out and explain to them where we are and if I’m unfit for office I will tell them that sorry I can’t continue,” Lungu adds.




    • @Kaumba, it’s no one’s fault. The man is sick was sick before the election. He needs treatment at the expense of Zambian taxpayers who if they are ill can not be evacuated to SA. So use your brains instead of emotions. Can you or your relatives be evacuated to SA fir treatment if you were to fall ill? Obviously No. You need to be demanding improved health care systems in Zambia from your president. So do not give us this nonsense