Construction of key infrastructure in new districts progressing-Phiri

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Local Government and Housing Minister John Phiri says the construction of various infrastructures in the newly created districts across the country is progressing well.

Dr. Phiri said out of 31 newly created districts, the construction works for the 17 districts have been going on well and have since advanced.

He told the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in an interview in Lusaka today that more resources were being mobilized in order to accelerate the construction works in all the created districts.

Dr. Phiri said government will put up basic infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, clinics, good road network and other vital development facilities in all the new districts.

The Minister said government meant well when it said it was eager to develop Zambia.

Dr. Phiri has meanwhile commended the planning department under his ministry for the good work they were doing in the new districts.

“The Ministry is doing everything possible in the construction of the newly created districts in the nation. Some works in the 17 out of the 31 have been progressing on very well so far,” Dr. Phiri said.

The late President Michael Sata created about 31 districts from the time he assumed office in 2011.

Some of the districts are Luano, Chisamba, Nkeyema, Lumulunga, Mitete, Lunga, Chirundu and Vubwi.

Others are Chilanga, Rufunsa, Shibuyunji, Nsama, Shiwangandu and Sinda.