BOZ to hold financial literacy week

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Bank of Zambia Public Relations Officer, Kanguya Mayondi says the Central Bank will hold a financial literacy week aimed at creating awareness among members of the public.


Mr. Mayondi during a telephone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today that the BOZ was targeting the younger generation so that they could develop a saving mind set.


He emphasized that the young, middle and older generation should be educated to create financial literacy especially for the low-segments of society.


Mr. Mayondi said this will therefore create financial inclusion, accommodating people into an informal financial service and bearing a mentality to save for future use.


The week which starts on Friday 13th 2015 will be graced by the Bank of Zambia Governor.


Meanwhile, Mr Mayondi said the BOZ is still analysing the performance of the Kwacha and will give a comprehensive statement at the end of this quarter.


Mr. Mayondi said th e strategy by the Bank was aimed at preventing panic among members of the public considering the rate at which the kwacha was depreciating.