Stop Politicising President Lungu’s collapsing – Chief Mukobela

Chief Wesley Shabongwe Mukobela
Chief Wesley Shabongwe Mukobela

Chief Wesley Shabongwe Mukobela of the Ila speaking people of Namwala District has condemned  the politicizing  of President Edgar Lungu’s reported ailment.


Chief Mukobela says it is against Zambian culture norm to celebrate or mock someone’s illness.


He said that anyone is bound to get sick adding that that it was for this reason that all the countries worldwide have hospitals and clinics to provide healthcare to their respective citizenry including their Presidents.


ZANIS reports that the traditional leader said this in an interview at his palace in Namwala District, today.


He said it was  normal for human beings to get sick saying the Republican President was not an exception.


The has since appealed to peace loving Zambians to pray for President  Lungu as he leads the nation so that God should protect him.


President Lungu was admitted to Maina Soko Military Hospital in Lusaka after he fell ill on Sunday, March 8, 2015 whilst officiating at the International Women’s Day.


He has since been discharged and will complete the resting regime prescribed by doctors.


This is according to a 3rd Medical Bulletin on President Lungu’s condition that was released by the Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda.


Mr. Lungu has  since left hospital to complete the resting regime prescribed by doctors.


The President has been treated for the low blood sugar level that emanated from the suspected recurrence of the narrowing of the food pipe (a condition medically known as Achalasia), for which he was previously treated 30 years ago at the University Teaching Hospital.


According to Mr. Chanda, in the same statement, the Republican President was also treated for fatigue and traces of malaria parasites that were initially suspected.


As a result of the suspected recurrence of his Achalasia condition which could have led to the low sugar level the President experienced, doctors have recommended that President Lungu undertake specialised treatment abroad.


Meanwhile Chief Bright Namlubamba has also condemned politicians and some publications mocking and celebrating the illness of the President.


He said that this amounts to bad politics and primitive politics because such sentiments do not add any value to the well-being of the people of Zambia.



photo credit : Johannes van der Weijden