Video : Nigeria’s Prophet Joshua Iginla’s prophecy on HH, Edgar Lungu


Most recent prophecy that Prophet JOSHUA IGINLA of Champions royal Assembly in Nigeria gave on H.H.

Note the following:
1. This is the man of GOD who initially prophesied that EDGAR LUNGU  will win 20 Jan elections,  see video one of the videos. These videos are recorded from live church services….
2. In the other video, he repeated that Edgar Lungu was going to win and in this same video, he states that Edgar Lungu will need to seek GOD because after two (2) years in office hes likely to fall ill and if he doesnt seek God, he may follow his predecessor. He urges all Zambians to pray against the curse which is on the office of the president of the nation. The same pipo that did bad to Sata will surround Edar Lungu and do the same to Lungu
Take note that from the second Video, it is clear that H.H will NOT win the 2016 elections if Edgar will stand. The challenge to Edgar Lungu will be his health 2 years from now but will win a second term if he stands………………………………….
3. In the third video, he plays several clips of his earlier prophecies about Zambia, beginning with the death of Michael Sata. He again urges all Zambians to pray that another President should not die in office after two years because the AXE(CURSE) was still on the throne of the presidency, he then congratulates Edgar Lungu and urges him to consider the opposition in his government. He the prophecises that Hakainde Hichilema has in his destiny to become the President of Zambia, but that he should not give up but wait a little while and remove his bitterness and not scatter Zambia because he needs a good Zambia when his time to rule comes.
He then talks about the upcoming elections in his country Nigeria that the ruling party (Good luck Jonathan) will continue to be the president after the FEB elections.
Please take time to watch and listen to the videos and do not misquote him, hes not TB JOSHUA BUT JOSHUA IGINLA…


  1. Find Boko Haram and the 1000 girls. Your evil spirit only shows you events outside Zambia? You said they were going to find MH 370, when? False prophet

  2. Please let these prophets intercede when calamity is fore told than to just speak and run away Daniel stood in the gap, Jeremiah stoop in the gap, I Isiah stood in the gap but prophets of nowadays are just prophets of doom