PF is being hypocritical -FODEP

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

The move by the ruling PF to re-adopt Members of Parliament whose election were nullified by the Courts of law has been described as hypocritical.

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) finds it ironic that the ruling PF that has been challenging and has been against the re-adoption of parliamentarians whose seats have been nullified on account of electoral malpractices and corruption can now re-adopt people who have suffered the same fate.

FODEP has reminded the ruling party of how the people of Petauke, Mulobezi and Malambo have gone without representation in Parliament since 2013 due to its court actions which have been pending in the Supreme Court.

Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi says for fact that the PF has re-adopted Michael Katambo and Kapembwa Simbao for Masaiti and Senga Hill respectively, the PF must also immediately withdraw the court action taken against Dora Siliya for Petauke Central, Hastings Sililo for Mulobezi and Maxwell Mwale for Malambo which are in the Supreme Court.

In a statement to Qfm news Mr. Chipenzi says this will facilitate for the immediate holding of the parliamentary by-elections in the three constituencies and restore to the affected constituents’ democratic rights to representation.

Mr. Chipenzi states that it is also in FODEP’s considered view that the Electoral Act No.12 of 2006 requires urgent review to avoid political parties using the courts to disadvantage people from being presented in the National Assembly.

He says in order that is clear at what stage a parliamentarian whose seat has been nullified by the Courts on account of electoral malpractices and corruption cannot be readopted.