Govt explains artificial fuel shortage

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————– Government has explained that the ‘artificial’ fuel shortage currently being experienced in Lusaka is due to logistical problems by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) who are not collecting the commodity.


Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister of Christopher Yaluma assured that there is enough fuel in the Lusaka including other parts of the country.


Mr. Yaluma says 11 trucks carrying petrol, diesel and kerosene are off-loading at some named filling stations especially in Lusaka.


The Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister disclosed at a media briefing in Lusaka that there is 3,000 litres in Lusaka which is lying un-collected by OMCs.


“11 fuel tankers carry the commodity are off-loading at filling stations. This artificial fuel shortage is because of logistical problems not planned for by OMCs,” Mr. Yaluma said.


He challenged the OMCs to collect the commodity instead of causing un-necessary fuel shortage.


Some filling stations in Lusaka in the past few days are reported to have run out of petrol, diesel and kerosene hence causing panic among motorists.