25 year old engineer Niza Phiri for Munali MP in 2016

Vote Niza Phiri for Munali
Vote Niza Phiri for Munali

With less than a year before the 2016 general elections on course, different individuals from different walks of life have started expressing interesting in contesting for various decision making positions.

Niza Phiri a Mechanical Engineer profession has risen to the stage to express his interest to represent the people of Munali constituency, come 2016. Phiri who is also former Copperbelt university student union (cobusa) social secretary, later council chairperson and author of the book “industrialisation and agriculture, the only way for Zambia”-2013. Niza Phiri who has spoken passionately about the way forward for munali constitutency, has sited a number of issues that need to be worked on if he takes to office come 2016.

These issues include;

“Water supply systems need to be improved around the constituency. Like alot of other constituencies, we need a more reliable water reticulation system. Some residents of Salama park complain of having water only in the morning and in the evening. “Sometimes we don’t have water at all especially if there is load shedding-unnamed resident”. we need a self reliable system that has adequate capacity to supply the area in Munali, Salama Park, Chelston, Avondale, Kaunda square stage 1 and 2, Mtendere, Kalingalinga, Helen Kaunda and so on. If elected I promise to raise funding for extra storage tanks in the constituency and increase delivery capacity that will ensure that water is available for longer hours.

He says under Youth empowerment:

this area has a huge number of youths that do not have much to do and are looking for a way to make a living, if elected, since most money that is meant as CDF goes to political cadres (from experience) I intend to use that money to set up an entrepreneur centre that will be picking the most viable business ideas from the local youths , funding them until they can make sufficient money and employ others, we shall however not rely on CDF alone we shall strive to look for funding from other sources. Mr Phiri further suggested a solution on the unversity of zambia (UNZA). “UNZA Being under Munali, there are several changes I would like to see at the university.

Upgrading the learning environment

Upgrading the learning environment, the labs, workshops and even the library are all using dilapidated old material. In my visits to universities of Oxford, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester, I discovered that these universities do away with equipment and books on a yearly basis we can sign an MOU to assist us with their material in the mean time as we source for funding to modernise the university.

Others are working on the infrastructure development at the university. Hostels and classrooms need to be built.” Mr phiri says. “Before realising that partisanism, caderism and petty politics obscures practical and tangible development, I served as Coordinator of a named UPND branch and also as Secretary General of a PF branch.

Decided to take a lonely but worth it journey.” He has pleaded to be a servant of you the people of munali and will do as the people INSTRUCT Him to do by representing their interests in parliament. Nothing drives the point home like a passionate leader and it is for this reason, the people of Munali should vote wisely come 2016 general election.


Some personal details

Niza Phiri  is currently employed as a design engineer.. Spokesperson of zambia volunteers network, an NGO dealing in crusading against political violence.

Age 25 2nd born in a family of 3 boys , first born doctor, younger brother economist, father retired Airforce general, Mother primary school teacher, qualification bachelor of engineering in electrical mechanical engineering, CBU, a doer, very practical and results oriented. Unionist, believe in a better tomorow


  1. It’s time already!? Time 4 young guys but I just hop we shall fully understand the dinamics of politics b4 we involve ourselves! Let’s get some suggestions for Nchanga would b lawmakers!