KK urged to publish his memoirs

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————-First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda has been urged to publish his autobiographies in order to document Zambia’s historic events for future generations.


Kagem Mining Chairman William Nyirenda made the call yesterday at the function held to celebrate the reprinting of Dr Kaunda’s book entitled Zambia Shall be Free, which was originally published in 1962.


Mr. Nyirenda stated that it is only fitting and appropriate for the nation to hear from Dr. Kaunda on how he stirred the enterprise of Zambia’s state craft as he has been at the helm of the political history of this country from the days of struggle to 1991.


The Chairman for Kagem, a mining firm which sponsored the reprint of the book made a passionate appeal to Dr Kaunda to pen his memoirs.


The re-launch of the book, of which 4,000 copies have been reprinted, was graced by Republican President Edgar Lungu.


Speaking at the function, President Lungu described the First Republican President, Dr. Kaunda, as a living example of an ordinary person who has achieved extraordinary things.


“The dream of Zambia Shall be Free gave birth to Zambia and at the 50th Jubilee anniversary celebration. It became clear that Zambia has come a long way. The rest is history, but those who were there can vindicate the sacrifice of Dr Kaunda and his friends and what they fought for,” explained President Lungu when he addressed over 200 guests who attended the re-launch.


And Dr. Kaunda reassured the guests that his memoirs would be published and narrated.


President Kaunda stated that the moto, ’One Zambia, One Nation’ is still very fresh and valid as a vision for the country.


Kagem Mining which sponsored the reprinting of the book owns 25 per cent of the emerald mine in Lufwanyama on the Copperbelt Province, with the remaining 75 per cent owned by London-listed Gemfields Company.


The mining company has since pledged to support the publishing of a new book on Dr. Kaunda’s memoirs but has asked the founding President of Zambia to include a mention of numerous milestones in Zambia’s history, including the effects of the Declaration of the Universal Declaration of Independence (UDI) in the then Southern Rhodesia.


Kagem has also appealed to President Kaunda to also include in his memoirs government’s reaction to the bombings that the country experienced during the late 70’s when Zambia supported the liberation struggle in the region as well as the Matero Economic Reforms, Zambia’s relations with the IMF during his reign and other Multilateral Institutions.