Nkombo apologises for insulting in parley

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— Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has admonished Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament (MP) Garry Nkombo for using obscene language against PF Mpulungu MP, Freedom Sikazwe. 


Dr. Matibini castigated the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) MP Mr. Nkombo and expressed shock  at the conduct of the UPND lawmaker for uttering offensive words in the house during the last session of parliament.


Dr. Matibini ruled that the house had established a prima facie case of contravening the parliamentary Privilege and etiquette against the Mazabuka law-maker and referred it to the Committee on Privileges, Absences and Support Services for determination.


“I must inform you that your conduct is shocking not only to me, but also the House and the nation at large.  This is because you’re a long standing member of this House, a chief whip and a member of the Committee on privileges, absences and support services,” the Speaker said.


Dr Matibini warned that no derogatory language would be entertained in the House.


He pointed out that the words used by Mr Nkombo against his counterpart were un-parliamentary and coming from an esteemed and long standing member, who is chief whip of his party. 


The Speaker expressed optimism that Mr. Nkombo’s conduct was the last time such behaviour was being exhibited in parliament.

He said said behaviour brings the image and dignity of the house into disrepute especially that parliament radio broadcasts to many people across the country.


And Mr. Nkombo has unreservedly apologised for his obscene remarks he made in Parliament last year.


Mr Nkombo told parliament that his behavior was embarrassing and un-parliamentary and that as a chief whip for the UPND his behaviour did not befit his status.


“I wish to apologise to you Mr Speaker, this August house and the nation at large for the words I uttered last year,” he said.


The Mazabuka lawmaker used un-parliamentary language when debating during the last session of parliament that went viral on social media.