People not benefiting from CDF – Chief

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People not benefiting from CDF – Chief
Lunga, March 5, 2015,  ZANIS——– Senior Chief Kalima Nkonde of the
Uunga people in Lunga District in Luapula Province has observed that
Constituency Development Funds (CDF) have not benefit ted the local
people in the area.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Lunga today, the Senior Chief
said he is not happy with the manner in which the Constituency
Development Fund (CDF) is being used in the constituency.
He says most of the funds which have been allocated by Government to
Luapula Constituency as Constituency Development Funds have mostly
been poorly managed by women clubs which are usually considered for
the funds.

He says most of the Women Clubs in Luapula Constituency are
practically doing nothing tangible with the monies they are allocated
from the CDF.

The Senior chief said it was time that the Constituency Development
Funds benefited the people of Lunga District saying some of the
buildings that have been constructed cannot measure up to the sums of
money which were spent on them.

Lunga District only has one constituency namely Luapula Constituency,
where Minister of Community Development Mother and Child Health
Emerine Kabanshi is Member of Parliament.