Govt. carrying out national disability survey

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Government has embarked on a national disability survey which is aimed at determining statistics on disability needs and challenges of persons with disabilities in the country.

Community Development, Mother and Child Health Minister Emerine Kabanshi disclosed that government was undertaking the survey with the help of its cooperating partners.

Ms. Kabanshi was speaking in Lusaka today when she unveiled a new Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD) board.

She expressed said government was concerned about infighting within and mistrust among the organisations that look at the welfare of persons with disabilities in the country.

The minister said it was the responsibility of the board to harmonise disability organisations in order to reduce mistrust among them.

Ms. Kabanshi added that government will rely on the board to provide solutions when mistrust occurs.

She has since challenged the new board to devise measures and strategies that were responsive to the needs of persons with disabilities.

Meanwhile, Ms. Kabanshi has revealed that her ministry has approved a four pillar national social protection policy which aims at championing the cause of persons with disabilities.

And National Secretary of the Zambia National Federation for the Blind (ZANFOB) Keshi Chisambi said in a vote of thanks that the board will deliver to the expectations of its members.

Mr. Chisambi also commended President Edgar Lungu for maintaining Ms. Kabanshi as Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health saying the latter understands disability issues.