2)–Maternal deaths linked to shunning ante-natal services

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Ndola City Council closed 63 drinking places in 2014 due to poor sanitation.

And the local authority has called on members of the general public to work with it by reporting drinking places that do not have proper sanitation. 

NCC Public Relations Manager Roy Kuseka told ZANIS in an interview  in Ndola today that the council will not hesitate to close drinking places that do not have proper sanitation.

Mr. Kuseka said this is in line with the public health Act which prohibits public places to operate without meeting the stipulated orders in the public health Act.  

He said members of the public should assist the council by reporting those who        are violating the public health Act with impunity.

“As a council we are urging members of the public to shun drinking places that do not have proper sanitation and report them to us in order for us to take appropriate action,” he said.

He added that the council managed to patrol all the drinking places but that with the help of members of the public it would be easier to go to specific drinking places that are operating without proper sanitation.

He farther said drinking places that are closed down are mainly that members of the public have complained about.