We do not trust govt – Grand Coalition

Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu

The Grand Coalition on the campaign for the People Driven Constitution says it has stuck to its position on the mode of adoption for the new constitution because it does not trust government.
Chairperson Leonard Chiti says the Coalition does trust that the Patriotic Front (PF) government really means what it has been saying with regards the enactment of the country’s new constitution because of its inconsistencies on the issue.
Reacting to Zambian Voice’s observation that the mode of adopting the country’s supreme law which the Grand Coalition is demanding is unreasonable given the voter apathy the country has witnessed in recent elections, Father Chiti has told Qfm News the Coalition is amazed by how other stakeholders are showing such great faith that the PF government will deliver a new constitution.

Father Chiti says much as the Grand Coalition respects other stakeholders’ views on its demand that the constitution be adopted through a referendum before 2016, its concern is the sincerity of the PF government.
He says the Grand Coalition does not presently believe there is political-will on the part of government to deliver a new constitution.
Father Chiti notes that the PF government must institute confidence building measures to assure his Coalition that it really means what it has been saying on delivering a people driven constitution.
He says the PF government has in the last 3 years failed to institute any confidence building measures for which it can be trusted.