President Lungu challenged to appoint more women on their day

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—-Women Rights Activist, Meebelo Nyambe, has called on President Edgar Lungu to appoint more women in key decision-making positions to meet the 50 per cent share of the national cake as women commemorate their day which falls on March 8.


Mrs Nyambe told ZANIS in an interview this morning that the commemoration of Women’s Day would be more meaningful if the country attained the equal share of key decision-making positions to men.


She said as things stand at the moment women were still the minority in key positions.


Mrs Nyambe was, however, gratified to note the effort the Republican President was making to balance up things particularly with the appointment of a woman Vice President for the first time in the history of the nation.


The activist explained that government had no excuse this time around not to appoint women in any position because women had dominated fields that were previously deemed to be for men.


Mrs Nyambe said she was personally looking forward to having women running the Ministry of Defence, Zambian Railways and Zesco among many key institutions in the nation.


She called on women with right qualifications to apply for higher positions so that there could be no excuse given at any given point.


Meanwhile, preparations to mark the commemoration of Women’s Day in Kalabo have reached an advanced stage with women working on their final touches.


The theme for this year’s Women’s Day is ‘Gender Agenda Make it happen’.