Police to continue mounting roadblocks in selected areas.

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– ————-The Zambia Police Service
Spokesperson Charity
Munganga -Chanda says the police will continue mounting roadblocks in
selected parts of the country for security reasons.

Ms. Munganga -Chanda explained that police officers will only mount road blocks
in shorter distances that connects two towns.

ZANIS reports that Ms. Munganga -Chanda confirmed this development in
a telephone interview in Lusaka today.

She stated that un-necessary roadblocks are the ones that were conducted
within short distances such as mounting too many roadblocks between Lusaka
and Kafue.

Ms. Munganga -Chanda further explained that some check points were
mounted to collect the necessary particulars of motorists and also the
worthiness of some vehicles on the road.

She explained that traffic officers are the ones that are usually assigned
on the road to cartel motorists who do not observe driving regulations
including the safety of other road users.

Ms. Munganga-Chanda observed that if Police Officers were not deployed,
thieves would take advantage of using roads carelessly hence
putting the lives of innocent citizens at risk.

She has since urged members of public to work closely with traffic
officers and other law enforcement’s agencies in order to bring sanity
on the roads.