Kalumwange residents cry for telecommunications network

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————Residents of Kalumwange Resettlement Scheme in Kaoma district of Western Province have bemoaned the lack of telecommunication network in the area.


Representing the residents, Joseph Muzaza, a peasant farmer of Kalumwange area, said the inhabitants of the settlement have to cover a distance of about 70 kilometers to get to where there is telecommunication network.


Muzaza said Kalumwange has not had network since independence yet the area has a lot of potential as it is a farming belt were crops can be grown even without applying fertilizer.


He said the poor state of the Kasempa road that also leads to Kalumwange and the lack of telecommunication network are negatively impacting on the economic potential of the area.

Muzaza has called on government to urgently address the challenges that the people of Kalumwange face if the full potential of the farming area is to be realized.


And Muzaza, who is also a Patriotic Front-PF official, said the people in Kalumwange are elated with the appointments of Inonge Wina, Given Lubinda and Michael Kaingu to government positions.


He said the appointment of the three leaders from Western Province confirms that President Edgar Lungu is not tribal.