Vera Chiluba takes a pastoral route

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———–Former First Lady Vera Tembo Chiluba has disclosed that she has responded to the call for pastorate.


Mrs. Chiluba made the announcement at the Catholic Cathedral Church Hall of Mansa Diocese on Saturday during her visit to Fatima Home that takes care of orphans.


Mrs Chiluba said she was a new Pastor coming into the main arena and was still learning the word of God.


She disclosed that in learning the word of God, she has already founded a Church called ‘Healing International Ministry’.


She said she was also the founder of ‘Hope Foundation’ because she has a passion for looking after children and welcoming visitors.


Mrs Chiluba said looking after children was her gift from God because she wanted to be practical with her faith and beliefs about God.


She explained that even her accompanying the first lady Esther Lungu to Mansa was a way of giving a helping hand to the current first lady because she has been first lady before.


And Mrs Lungu said she was proud to have Mrs Chiluba in her entourage because of her charismatic flair, tested wisdom and ability to easily connect with her audience.