Preps for Women’s Day advance in Kasama

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Preparations for the Women’s Day in Kasama have reached an advanced stage.


Kasama District Administrative Officer (DAO), Beauty Namukoko, said women in the district have lined up a number of activities to be undertaken during the women’s week.


Ms Namukoko said this at a women’s day preparatory meeting held at the provincial administration in Kasama today.


She revealed that women have donated cloths and assorted foodstuffs to be given to various vulnerable groups.


The DAO disclosed that among the groups to be visited are Milima State Prison, Brother’s Keeper Orphanage and Chileshe Chepela School for the Handicapped.


Ms Namukoko said the women will also visit and clean the children’s ward at Kasama General Hospital.


She said a committee has invited the First Lady, Esther Lungu, to grace a fundraising dinner on Wednesday to raise money for the commemoration of International Women’s Day.


The DAO said an inter-denomination church service will be held on Friday at St John’s Cathedral.


 Ms Namukoko has since appealed all women from all walks of life in the district to actively participate in the actives as this is their week and time to shine.


Zambia will join the rest of the world in commemorating Women’s Day which falls on the March 8 under the theme “Make it happen”.