Katele Kalumba urges visionary leadership on constitution making

Former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba
Former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba

Former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba has expressed doubt Zambia’s new constitution can be adopted through a referendum within the timeline of before 2016.

Dr. Kalumba has observed that with the current worrisome economical fundamentals in the country it may not be practical to undertake the all the elements that are required in full adoption and enactment.

In an interview with QFM News Dr. Kalumba notes the worrisome economical fundamentals he is referring are well evidenced in how the country’s currency the Kwacha is being affected negatively owing to the negative sentiments investors are getting from the economy.

Dr. Kalumba has however suggested that if the proposed mode of adoption a referendum is to be used within the popularly demanded period of before 2016 there will be need for visionary, creative and anticipatory leadership on the part of all stakeholders.

He states that this entails constructive engagement with the Executive and allowing citizens to understand the extent of the budgetary constraints.

The Former Finance Minister says this further means all stakeholders in the constitution making process will have to avoid taking an orthodox and too straight jacketed approach on this matter.

He has advised that if there are better proposals on the table of how the country can have a new constitution before 2016 such proposals should be discussed constructively.