Uncleansed widow cries foul, court orders cleansing


AFTER a scuffle at her late husband’s funeral between her children and her in-laws, a 51-year-old narrated how she was abandoned by her husband’s family without being cleansed.
Before Matero local court senior magistrate Lewis Mumba, was Jessy Mbewe of Zingalume township who had sued Joseph Nkhoma, 68, of Misisi township for refusal to cleanse her after the death of her husband.
Mbewe told the court that after the burial of her husband, Nkhoma and his relatives left the funeral house immediately without following the tenets of tradition when a person loses a spouse.
“I later found out that there had been a fight between them and my children after the burial of my husband. I brought him here because he is the eldest in the family and as such should initiate my cleansing process,” she said.

She said she has tried to discuss the issue with other family members but to no avail as they have all vowed not to cleanse her.
But Nkhoma told the court that Mbewe and her children had chased his family from the funeral house right after the burial.
He said Mbewe and her children ordered them to leave because the funeral was over and there was no need for them to stick around.
“We had to leave because they threatened to beat us up if ever we stayed. This behaviour and disrespect her children have shown my family has made me not to involve myself in her cleansing. I am not interested in their property,” he said.
Nkhoma told the court that he will provide transport and take Mbewe to his village where she will be cleansed by his mother in June but will not partake in the cleansing process.
Passing judgment, the court ordered Nkhoma to perform the traditional cleansing on Mbewe within seven days.


Daily Mail