Total sanitation faces challenges in Kalabo

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—–A UNICEF funded Community Lead Total Sanitation program may not yield desired results if communities in rural areas do not change their mind set on the importance of practicing good hygiene and proper use of toilets.


According to a survey conducted by ZANIS in three named areas in Kalabo District where the program is currently running revealed that most elderly people were not ready to use toilets and open defecation was the order of the day.


Some villagers talked to explained that toilets were meant for children and that the elderly would rather continue answering the call of nature in the bush as it had been since time immemorial.


Others expressed concern that they could not share the same toilet with their in-laws as seeing their in-laws going into the toilet would make them uncomfortable and was disrespectful in the African culture.


Most villages did not practice good hygiene a development that would attract an outbreak of diseases as a result of land pollution. 


Recently Village Water Zambia organized a one day sensitization training for chiefs and their subjects in Siluwe where Chiefs Mwanamambo and Mwananawa confessed that there had been few houses with adequate sanitation despite the program starting in 2013.


The chiefs said they would take it upon themselves to ensure that each household of their subjects had adequate sanitation and also washing of hands when one uses the toilet.


The traditional leaders warned that they would not entertain any subject answering a call of nature in the bush.