Zambia to host AU workshop

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Zambia is next month expected to host a four-day workshop dubbed, “Agenda 2063 first ten year implementation plan” organized by the African Union (AU).


Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the AU Susan Sikaneta said the workshop will be held from 2nd  to 6th  March, 2015 at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.


Ms. Sikaneta said the workshop will attract more than 120 participants drawn from all the 54 member states of the AU and the AU Commission that decided to hold it in Zambia.


“It is a great honour that Lusaka is the venue for the finalization of the first ten year implementation plan which will kick-start the economic transformation of Africa,” Ms. Sikaneta said in a statement released to ZANIS today.


She said the overall goal of the workshop was to solicit inputs of national planners and other experts including all regional economic communities into finalization of the first 10- year implementation plan that will be ready for submission and adoption at the June 2015 summit in South Africa.


The plan will contain flagship projects that will include growth and sustainable development on the continent and guarantee social and economic transformation and integration of Africa.


Ms. Sikaneta added that priority projects will include the integrated high speed train that will connect all capital cities on the continent.


She said other projects are the grand ingar dam for the production of electricity, establishment of the continental free trade area and the African passport to facilitate free movement of people.