Woman jailed for harbouring prohibited immigrants

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Woman jailed for harbouring prohibited immigrants
Nakonde, February 27, 2015, ZANIS…A 32- year- old house wife of Nakonde District in Muchinga Province has been jailed for two years simple imprisonment by the Magistrate court for  harbouring 16 prohibited immigrants.


Particulars of the offence were that between November 1 2014 and 29 December 2014 Jacqueline Nambule did harbour 16 prohibited immigrants contrary to section 10 of the anti-human trafficking Act No. 11 of 2008 of the laws Zambia.


In mitigation Ms. Nambule said she was a mother of five and that one of her children is disabled and  needs to travel to Lusaka for medical attention every after 3 months.


She added that she was an orphan who is also an epileptic patient and that she is not in good terms with her husband who is on the run for the same offence.


Ms. Nambule pleaded for forgiveness and that she was a first offender.


Passing judgment, Magistrate Johnston Lukwesa said he had heard Nambule’s mitigation and that she was a first offender but that the law on the case of harbouring prohibited immigrants had a minimum sentence of  two years.

Magistrate Lukwesa said his hands were tied and that he had no option but to send Nambule to prison for two years with effect from the date of arrest.