Kalabo residents in fear typhoid outbreak

A Typhoid Fever victim in Africa
A Typhoid Fever victim in Africa

Residents of Kalabo are living in fear of a typhoid outbreak due to solid particles and brownish dirty looking drinking water from they are receiving from the taps.


And the residents want independent health personnel from outside the district to test the water and determine whether or not it was safe for human consumption.


ZANIS reports that the residents explained that they feared to use the water being supplied by the Western Water Company for home usage as a result of the particles it contained and the brownish color.


The District Health Office has not clarified the matter as to whether or not the water was safe for home consumption considering that Kalabo is a typhoid prone area.


In 2011, typhoid broke out in Kalabo as a result of contaminated water and claimed over 30 lives.


But Western Water and Sewerage Company Kalabo Branch Manager Boder Moyo maintained that the water was safe for human consumption despite the particles and its brownish looking color.


Mr Moyo, however, did not disclose as to whether or not a test had been conducted on the water but instead explained that plans were underway for the company to procure some river sand to help improve the color of the water.