Soldier accuses friend of bewitching him

Criminal court
Criminal court


A SOLDIER of Arakan Barracks in Lusaka has accused his friend of bewitching him after he became insane soon after the two exchanged clothes.
Teddy Nsofwa, 37, told the court that he ran mad after his workmate, Sergeant John Tembo, forced him to swap clothes they were wearing during a drinking spree.
This was a case in which Nsofwa sued Tembo and asked the Matero local court to force the latter to return the clothes he forcibly got from the plaintiff.
The court heard that the two had gone for a drinking spree on November 20 last year at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) before Tembo forced Nsonfwa to swap the attire.
Nsonfwa told the court that he reluctantly accepted to exchange the clothes but everything changed immediately after the swapping because he became unwell and got insane.
“Immediately after we exchanged the clothes I lost my senses and became confused,” Nsonfwa said. “I didn’t know where I was and failed to recognize anyone.”
He said when he woke up the following day, no one could get through to him on his phone because his number stopped going through.

The court heard that after persistent prayers by his relatives, Nsofwa’s phone number finally went through but when he answered, some one on the other end could not hear what he was saying.
He said he could not tell his relatives where he was because he did not know the place until he gave the phone to someone who told them where he was.
“That was how my relative picked me up from Mtendere and started praying for me, that was how I gained my senses although I have not fully recovered,” he said.
In his defence, Tembo told the court that he had no idea about what happened to Nsofwa because the plaintiff was very drunk after the outing.
Tembo said after a drinking spree the two went together at the defendant’s place because Nsofwa was so drunk that he was failing to walk.
He said Nsofwa left his house the following day, and he was surprised to hear from his relatives that he was missing and they were blaming him for his disappearance.
“I got his clothes because they were dirty and I decided to go with them for work the following day when I reported for work but he was not there,” he said.
Magistrate Lewis Mumba, sitting with Petronella Kalyelye ordered Tembo to give Nsonfwa back his clothes and reverse whatever he did to him.