— Church advises govt to ensure unity in the country

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Church advises govt to ensure unity in the country

Monze,  February  21st, 2015,  ZANIS —– The Catholic Church in Monze has advised government  to focus  more on ensuring unity to foster development across the country.



And government says it was committed to complete all the major projects that have been started by the PF and previous governments.


Right Reverend Bishop Moses Hamungole says it was  imperative for the government to ensure that peace and unity prevails in the country at all times.



Bishop Hamungole says unity in the country would advance under the national motto :  One Zambia One Nation Zambia which he said all political party leaders and the general public should abide by.



“ I would like to encourage government to focus more on what unites the country than what divides it because the lived experience of all Zambian should show that government and al politicians are committed to the motto of One Zambia, One Nation espoused by founding Fathers of the Nation,” said the clergyman.



ZANIS reports that  the Bishop said this when Southern Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu paid a courtesy call on him in  Monze yesterday.



He reaffirmed  that his Catholic Church and the Bishop’s Conference in Zambia will continue to play its prophetic role of reminding politicians of their duty to serve the people regardless of their political affiliations.



Bishop Hamungole explained that when Zambian Catholic Bishops made their Ad Limina Visit to Pope Francis last year they were reminded to continue working with politicians for the common good and deepening their prophetic witness in defence of the poor in order to uplift their lives.



“ As Catholic Church and  Bishop’s Conference in Zambia we shall continue to  play our role of reminding politicians to serve the people  because we were reminded by Pope Francis on 17th November, 2014 on the need  for us to continue to working with politicians to champion a common good and defend the poor to uplift their lives,” Bishop Hamungole said.



And Mr. Mubukwanu assured people in Monze that government was fully committed to finish all the developmental projects in the District to enhance service delivery and improve people lives.



“ As government we equal to the task of ensuring that all the developmental projects in the province are completed so that people’s lives are improved and it is for this reason that I have been directed by President Edgar Lungu to compile a list of all these projects so that the process of completing them can be expedited,” said Mr. Mubukwanu.



However, Mr. Mubukwanu noted that eradication of poverty was not only governments’ responsibility but for all stakeholders including the Church.



The Minister said meaningful development can only be achieved if there is a strong link between the people and the government.




Mr. Mubukwanu also urged the Church to give guidance, support and leadership to the government to enable it steer development across the country adding that he would take great offence if some sections of people do not benefit from the PF’s developmental programmes.




“ We need your support, and guidance so that we can steer this country  forward in terms of   development and  I will definitely take offence if some people in left out in the development process,” said Mr. Mubukwanu.



Meanwhile, Mr. Mubukwanu has expressed concern over the dry spells in the Province saying this might negatively affect crop yields.



He attributed to dry spells to deforestation which he emphasized need urgent measures to  be curbed.



“ We need to put in place drastic measures to stop deforestation in this province because clearly this explains the dry spells which is a manifestations of effects of climate change,” said Mr. Mubukwanu.