ERB introduces construction licenses

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the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has introduced a construction license aimed at helping improve its regulatory oversight in the siting and construction of petroleum infrastructure in the country.

One of the functions of ERB as stipulated in section 6 (c) of the ERB act relates to the regulation of siting of energy infrastructure for both technical and economic reasons.

ERB Executive Director Langiwe Lungu said   the petroleum sub-sector has  seen the highest concentration of filling stations mainly in Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces at the expense of rural areas where some districts do not have a single retail site.

Ms. Lungu said in a statement issued to ZANIS today that the new measure has been prompted by the need to discourage overcrowding in urban areas.

She also explained that the proliferation of stations in high public traffic areas such as markets and drinking places has heightened safety concerns.

Ms. Lungu added that ERB will engage other stakeholders to ensure that safety, health and environmental protection matters are not compromised for the interest of energy consumers.